This is the third reason I will be voting for Donald Trump, even as I have issues with his personality and style. First, let me say that I keep hearing that Biden is a more moral choice than Trump. If you have been reading the news at all over the past 3 years, you know that isn’t true. And while it makes me sad to see someone losing their mental abilities as they age, it is painfully obvious that Biden has become mentally unable to handle the job. It’s sad, but it should really give pause to anyone who thinks he might be a better choice. However, with that being said, I would rather focus on the positive’s about Trump and why I’m voting for him. I’m going to talk next about National Security and Defense.

1. The Middle East: As a people, we have very short memories about some thing, but if you look at the news 6 years ago, you will see headline after headline about something called the ISIS Caliphate. You will also read about the Iran Nuclear Deal where the Obama/Biden Administration sent pallets of cash to Iran – cash that would be used for terrorist activities.

Now, you will see there is no ISIS Caliphate left. Iran is still a terrorist country, but they have been severely marginalized. Over the past few years, the Trump Administration has also brokered a series of peace deals that would have been shouted from the mountain tops, if we had the more honest media of my earlier years. These deals are really ground-breaking. Israel has a new relationship with the UAE and Bahrain. The Trump Administration also brokered a peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. These three peace deals were historic. The last time something like this happened, the newspapers talked about it incessantly for weeks. The peace accords were praised to the heavens. But these three were a headline for maybe one day and then buried. The press didn’t want you to know about them.

One thing I will point out about all three of the peace accords is how different they were from those in the past. Previously, the US and governments around the world tried to bring countries together by discussing borders and who would have what power – they were alliances based on politics. The Trump Administration did something different in all three of these. He tied these countries economically instead of politically. They have economic ties now that are honestly more powerful than political ones. You aren’t going to bomb the other guy when you have your bank and your manufacturing companies there. I don’t like President Trump’s personality, but it is probably just that “developer” type personality that allowed him to think outside the box and think about the deals in that way. So maybe I do like his personality, after all! Regardless, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for these peace agreements, and he deserves every one of those nominations.

2. China: When President Trump came to office, people often took him to task for his friendly approach to President Xi of China. But again, I think that’s a huge part of his deal-making personality. Try to make a deal with friendship, but use a hammer when necessary, because use a hammer, he did. We’ve gotten a lot of manufacturing jobs back in the state, and while I’m not a fan of tariffs at all, they seem to have worked to some degree. But when China cracked down on freedom in Hong Kong and allowed COVID-19 (the Wuhan Virus) to be wide-spread, the gloves came off.

Most of the world can now see many of the goals that China has are not goals that are good for the rest of the world. They are focusing all of their energy on expanding their control. They’ve built false islands in the sea and then claimed that area to be theirs instead of international waters. They are building war ships by the dozens, enhancing their military prowess, and they are making plans to expand their power into space. As we found out during this recent COVID crisis, they control much of our emergency resources (which, by the way, the Trump Administration brought back to the US in a big way), and they definitely control the production of many of the resources required for the technology we so love. Do you like your phone and your electric car? China controls the mining and manufacturing around rare earth minerals that are needed for those items.

3. The military – President Trump is obviously the right choice for the military. He is bringing home our troops while re-investing in our military readiness and has taken the approach that we will not be spread out to defend the world, but we will be absolutely ready, if need be.

This change comes after the military was seriously gutted during the Obama/Biden Administration. Our troops didn’t even have the necessary equipment to do their jobs. That has changed. The VA was a mess. I think it still has far to go, but many of the changes made have improved the lives of our Veterans, as well.

I could write much more, but I will stop here. I would just encourage everyone to read past headlines and look past the hyperbole and personality. We have accomplished some incredible things over the past 4 years. I know the press would like you to not know about them, but they are real. If people were honest and looked at where we were in the last year of the Obama Administration compared to where we are today, we are in a much better place in most ways.

Yes we have problems – including riots in the streets and fallout from COVID, but many of those problems lay at the feet of local governments, not the federal government. Riots, race relations, and COVID will not go away, no matter who is elected. There will still be serious issues we need to face, but I am going to be casting my vote for Donald Trump for President, and I hope you will too. Whatever happens, we need to become better educated about all these issues and face them together.