Here is the second reason I will vote for Donald Trump, although I really don’t care for his personality. Even if you will be voting for Biden, please read this. It’s something everyone needs to be aware of, regardless of who wins.

I want Donald Trump to win, because the media today has become more and more biased and manipulative, and I want them to understand that we, the people, will not stand for it.

The mainstream media and Big Tech have shown themselves to be so supportive of the Democrat Party that people should think twice about putting someone in power that would give them even more ability to create their own version of a progressive society. Here are some examples of where I see the manipulation of the media:

1.Media and Big Tech information manipulation –  Just a few days ago, the New York Post did a story on some emails from Hunter Biden. But Twitter and Facebook both banned the link to the story from their platforms and actually took down accounts that tried to tweet out the link. The House GOP then put the story on their website and provided a link, so people could read it. Twitter banned that, as well. You couldn’t post a link to the website of an organization that is made up of members of Congress. Think about that.

This comes after 3 years of pushing Russian Collusion based on a fake dossier. In fact, the campaign of Hillary Clinton was involved in the creation of that false information, along with a complicit FBI. The questionable source wasn’t banned from media but was spread to the furthest corners of the earth. Too often, information is presented in a way that is beneficial to Democrats and harmful to Republicans.

This is not meant to be a judgement on whether the emails are authentic or what they mean – I don’t know. The point I’m making is that big tech made very different decisions about disseminating information based on the politics of the person.

This is also not about the 1st Amendment. Twitter is a private company and can do what it wants. But you need to be aware that they have become the campaign arm of the Democrat Party – not a source of impartial news.

2. The media and Big Tech have changed definitions of words to specifically advance their agenda. Here are a few examples.

A few days ago, Amy Coney Barrett used the term “sexual preference” in her statements. She was blasted for it – the claim is that it’s a term that is offensive to the LGBTQ community. Webster online actually went in and changed their definition of “preference”. Before, it talked about what “sexual preference” was. Overnight, the term was redefined to say that it was offensive.

Another example is the media’s campaign to change the term “court packing.” It was a term that was coined back when FDR tried to add Justices to the Supreme Court. It didn’t work – court packing was rejected as dangerous to our whole structure of government. But now, media has gone on a campaign to change the meaning of that word. Every pundit out there is saying that filling an empty seat on the court is a type of “court packing.” They are setting the country up to be OK with adding justices, if the Democrats are elected. They will say – “Well, the Republicans packed the court with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, so we should do it too!”

A term related to the court that they are also trying to redefine is the word “originalist.” When I first saw the remarks based on the new definition, I just assumed the person was ignorant of what it means. But after seeing it repeated over and over, I realized that it was a talking point, and the media is happy to pass on the new definition.

The definition of “riot” has also changed. Did you know that the AP (news outlet) changed the definition of the word “riot” so they could avoid using that word when discussing what was happening in Seattle and Portland? They now use the term “unrest” when the “political cause” is something that requires sensitivity.

Beyond whether you vote for Donald Trump or not, please be aware that when you read headlines, you are being manipulated. Most media outlets choose to only print particular stories and ignore others. All media outlets do it, but some are far worse than others. For instance, the Seattle Times regularly has headlines about Donald Trump “flubbing” some piece of data or a concept – there was an article just yesterday morning. But they do not discuss the multiple “flubs” of Joe Biden. It’s not that they print something untruthful in that case – they are just filling your head with the negative about Trump while ignoring the same of Biden. Please read from many sources. Listen to entire speeches and read entire articles instead of relying on soundbites and headlines. You are being manipulated and you often don’t even know it.