A friend asked me for a paragraph to help her talk a friend into voting for Tiffany Smiley for Congress. It occurred to me that the same information is why everyone should vote Republican this year, even if they have voted Democrat all their lives. We live in a world where we are bombarded with information. I know the commercials are constant right now, and candidates are accusing each other of all sorts of nefarious things. But I’ve always believed strongly in looking at the policies – not the rhetoric. So first I will give you the paragraph I sent her, and then I will provide you with some concrete policy examples, both for the state level and the federal.

Many of the laws – both policy and spending – that have been passed the past 18 months have been terribly damaging. As a result, inflation and government regulation have grown considerably. The only way to stop the continuation of such policies and spending decisions is to have a Republican majority. The race for Senate is a race between a person who has supported all of those bad decisions and one who will not only oppose those policies but will also be part of a majority that can hopefully reverse some of the damage done over the several years.

Let’s look at policy decisions made at the federal level:

  1. Spending – government programs never shrink. They require more and more tax dollars, and the money is rarely spent in an efficient manner.
  • Environmental protection agencies have gone over the top when it comes to regulating businesses, transportation, and pretty much every aspect of your life. The changes being made to how the government manages our natural resources, and the restrictions they place on you being able to manage your own resources are onerous and outrageously expensive.
  • The Inflation Reduction Act didn’t reduce inflation. It was a green energy bill that was passed with the name of Inflation Reduction just so people wouldn’t know what was really in it.
  • Our economy is struggling with high inflation. As a result, the Fed is raising interest rates which causes pain for everyone, whether you own a business, buy a house, or are looking for a job. While I believe we would have to go through this pain no matter what, it’s made far worse by the restrictions and regulations on businesses, fuel production, and anything else that would allow us, as a country, to produce more. Economies work best when there is actual product being made in exchange for money. When you just print and throw money around, it creates inflation, and inflation is a tax on the poor and middle class.
  • Look at your retirement fund. If you look at it honestly and are thinking you may have to work a few more years to be able to retire, you should vote Republican.

You will find a similar list of issues at the state level. Over the past three years, the Democrat majority in WA State have passed these policies and budget bills over the objections of Republicans:

  1. The Long-Term Care Act which forces every citizen working in WA State to pay all of their lives into a program that will provide only $36,000 for long term care once they retire.
  • The spending/budget in our state has doubled in the past 10 years. We have gotten no tax relief (bills were sponsored by Republicans that would have reduced your property tax, gas tax, sales tax, etc).
  • We have laws now that will increase the price of gas dramatically. All in the name of a push for green energy, with the government deciding winners and losers. The biggest loser? You – at the gas pump and when you heat your home this winter.
  • Crime – where do I even start with that? From making it illegal for police to chase down the bad guys to making hard drugs legal and letting felons out of jail early, we’ve got a crime problem that is escalating. When you remove consequences for crime, you will have increased crime. It’s just logical.
  • Speaking of lack of consequences, the homeless crisis in our state has also escalated in the past few years. While you would be fined for allowing sewage to flow across your property, there is no consequence for the dangerous and unsanitary conditions in homeless camps. There are also no consequences for drug use in our parks and on our public playgrounds, making them dangerous for our kids.
  • Sexual Education requirements for K12 – You’ve seen the news about the gender affirmation instruction in the recent past. It’s been all over the news. It’s a law in WA State.
  • Let us also not forget the Emergency Powers that allowed for mask mandates, firing of thousands of state/emergency/healthcare workers. Bills that Republicans sponsored to reform the emergency powers act were rejected by Democrats.
  • Our kids’ grades are the lowest they’ve ever been. After two years of learning loss, the damage will last for decades.
  • Regulations are strangling our businesses – especially when it comes to housing. They’ve passed laws that prohibit using natural gas in new buildings. Natural gas was one of the main reasons we were becoming energy independent. But no more.
  1. If you are a 2A supporter, the Democrats have passed several bills restricting your use and ownership of firearms.

These are just a few things I could mention. I’m trying to keep this post short (well, short for me…) You have your ballot. Please get it filled out and turned in. And then get 10 of your friends to vote. It’s more important than ever. Only 47% of voters turned in their ballots for the primary – we can make a huge difference if we make that number 70 or 80%.