A bill requiring schools to teach Sexual Education was passed this year by our very progressive Democrat-dominated Legislature over the objections of tens of thousands of people. But fortunately, our Constitution allows the people to have redress. R90 will repeal this law.

Senate Bill 5395 was passed in the wee hours of the morning near the end of the legislative session, requiring schools to teach your children at the earliest of ages to become sexual beings. That is different from biology and hygiene. They want your children to be taught about sexual details, so they are more comfortable with different ideas on what sexuality means. They also took the power to make these kinds of decisions away from the parents and local school boards. Parents were up in arms about this bill, but it passed anyway.

The vote was along party lines – Senator Sheldon, as usual, was the only one voting with the Republicans.

Now comes the most important task. We need to get everyone to understand that on the ballot, when you see R-90 on the ballot, you need to vote REJECTED!

If you want to read the bill, you can find it here à https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=5395&Year=2019&Initiative=false