Vote NO on I-1631 this November. It will increase costs at the gas pump and when you heat your home. Here is a summary of the Initiative.

This will be a tax on CO2 – $15/metric ton going up annually to over $40/metric ton in 10 years. The increase in our gas prices will start at 14 cents per gallon, but that amount would go up annually. The studies say that the average amount of the extra tax will be $234 – $305 for the first year, increasing to $672 – $877 after ten years. But those in the rural areas will be above the average because we drive so many more miles per year.

How will they spend the money? Gas tax is required by the Constitution to be spent on roads. Not so this tax – a mostly unelected board will get to decide how to spend that money with very few restrictions. The name of the Board says it all – it’s the “Environmental and Economic Justice Panel.” If you wish to really see how terrible this initiative is, take the time to download the 15-page analysis linked here, written by Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center. Then take a look at pages 9-12 that describes how the money will be spent.

Here is one interesting paragraph from the study about how the funding is spent (page 10 of the WPC analysis) –

“Worth noting is that the initiative specifically provides that members of the panel may grant public money to themselves. The initiative says, “Members of the environmental and economic justice panel may receive financial support from organizations and the governments of Indian tribes through approved community capacity grants awarded under section 6(5) of this act.” Given the choice between recommending a project that helps an unrelated group and one that benefits a member of the panel, it is reasonable to wonder if the panel would prioritize effectiveness over their own profit.”

The link provided here will take you to a one-page summary that is a little more thorough than what is written here. On that webpage, you will find a link to the full analysis which is 15 pages long. The public really needs to be educated about how bad this initiative is, and we need to turn out the vote to defeat it. Pass this information on to your friends and family. Our pocketbooks will thank us.