Olga Miller was recently presented with the Longevity Award by the Lewis County Republicans at our Lincoln Day Dinner. This is the tribute that was presented by our Vice-Chair, Colleen Morse.

Almost 20 years ago, my husband, Bill, and I moved south from an increasingly blue Thurston County to Lewis County. We partly moved because Olympia was growing a lot and we were small town folks, but largely because there was a chance that we could vote for people who actually got elected as Republicans.

One of the first people to approach me was our dear friend, Cy Meyers. He encouraged me to renew my involvement with the local Republican Party, and I am fortunate I did.

Through these past almost 20 years, I have found out why we elect Republicans to the Legislature and to our Lewis County Courthouse. People are afraid to run as any other affiliation, because of our longevity award recipient.

Don’t get me wrong, our recipient is adored by all. Without the involvement of our recipient, I daresay there are many a candidate who would not have been elected.

But that’s not the whole story – this recipient has given of talent, time, and treasure at the National and State levels as well as our county. Serving in many capacities for the State Committee, and attending many National Republican Conventions, people from all over the state and country call this person their friend.

However, I consider the recipient not just a friend but also a great travel companion, phone buddy and dearest of friends and I am pleased and proud to honor Olga Miller with the 2019 Republican Longevity Award, for her service to our county, state, and nation for the past forty or more years. Please join me with your applause to everyone’s favorite Lewis County Republican.