As most people know who have received my emails in the past, I usually write a book, because I believe it’s important to explain the issues. I decided this year to change the format a bit. I wrote quite a few posts about the issues and posted them on the Lewis County Republican website. I have linked the article below where they would normally be added to give you context. That shortened this email considerably. You are welcome. 😊

First link is a post that explains how to use the website to either print off a new ballot, get a copy of the voters guide in case you lose yours, and track your ballot to make sure its been received at the Auditor’s office. I will post the link, but I will mention one thing here. Vote as soon as you get your ballot and get it turned in. There are lots of reasons, but the main one is that you will be removed from most call lists and mailing lists – you’ll stop getting those pesky phone calls!

Now for your ballot –
Referendum 90 – REJECTED -this vote will reject the legislation that instituted the mandated sexual health education for elementary children and took away the ability of school districts and parents to make those decisions at the local level.

For more information, see this article I wrote –

Advisory Votes – just vote reject on all of them. They have no force of law at all. They are just an opinion poll. If you want more information or if you are wondering why any legislator would vote yes on these bills, I wrote an article. It’s complicated, but I provide an example to help clarify –

#32 – SB 5323 – Plastic Bags  

#33 – SB 5628 – Tax on Heavy Equipment

#34 – SB 6493 – Increased B&O Tax on services

#35 – SB 6690 – Increased B&O Taxes on aerospace

SJR 8212 – Constitutional Amendment – Approved  This is a very complex issue and one that is not easy to understand. I wrote an article –

President – Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence

Congressional District – Jaime Herrera Beutler (if you are not in the 3rd, we have some incredible Republicans running in districts all over the state, and if you are in the 10th, please write in Marty McClendon)

Governor – Loren Culp

Lt. Gov – Write in Joshua Freed. If you are wondering exactly how to do that, I wrote an article with a graphic that shows how –

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

Treasurer – Duane Davidson

Auditor – Chris Leyba

AG – Matt Larkin

Comm. Of Public Lands – Sue Kuehl Pederson

Supt. Of Public Instruction – Maia Espinoza

If you live in the 19th, you need to vote for Jeff Wilson for Senator & Jim Walsh/Joel McEntire for your two Representatives

If you live in the 20th, the ones to elect are John Braun for Senator & Ed Orcutt/Peter Abbarno for your two Representatives.

Judicial Candidates – this is critical! Judge Dave Larson would be a voice of reason in an overwhelmingly liberal State Supreme Court. I went to High School with him and worked with him in Civil Air Patrol. He is solid and is the person we need on the Court!